Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel Day

...and it's off to Phoenix!  The kids and I headed out on Tuesday (Dave came a few days later) to 'help' Grandma Mary get ready for the wedding.  I think that for as much as I helped, the children tore other parts of her home apart.  It was probably a pretty neutral situation for her, aside from getting to enjoy our company for a few days more ;-) 

  The flight itself went very smoothly.  Justin was a perfect little guy-- content to play with his John Deere sticker book and watch four minute clips of diggers and excavators on the Kindle Fire (our 'only on airplanes' rule for media works REALLY well to keep the kids occupied while in flight!).  Alex enjoyed drawing and coloring and (also) watching her movie.  I had time to enjoy a soda and read a little!  There's a first time for everything :-)

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