Saturday, October 13, 2012

Toddler and Tiaras... wedding edition totally was what was running through my mind this morning.  GranMama and I took Alex to have her nails done (*this wedding fever thing is catching*).  Alex has been such a trooper, what with the time change and the late nights, that she deserved a very special Flower Girl treat.  She was so excited to have her nails painted!  The technician was trying to convince me to go day-glo pink, but I averted that potential disaster by firmly saying "No thank you" and handing her a champagne color.  Phew!

The rest of our day was spent getting spray tanned (at least the older ladies.... no spray tans for this princess!), finishing wedding prep and playing with all the fun people in the house!  Oh-- then there was a Rehearsal Dinner that the kiddos decided to stay home and play with a babysitter for.  :-)
Our beautiful bride!

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