Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rye-duh TRAIN!!

 We've been thinking about taking Justin on his first real train ride (ie: not a monorail or people mover) for a while now, and Grams and Gramps' visit seemed like a perfect opportunity.  Dave is currently studying for the GMAT, so he jumped on the chance for a quiet house while the kids and I brought our guests out to Osceola, WI for an adventure. 

Somebody loved it.  Actually, two somebodies loved it, but one little person ADORED it.  To the extent that every time we've seen a train since this experience, he exclaims "Back Rye-duh TRAIN again!"  
There was one car that had an open-air gate.  He could have spent all afternoon exploring this car alone!
You can see the ground moving under your feet!

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