Friday, October 12, 2012

Marotz Mexican Buffet! (or the Rehearsal Rehearsal Dinner)

To kick off the celebration weekend, Mary and Bob hosted a wonderful casual dinner at their place this evening.  I got to play 'party planner' and spend the afternoon setting up lanterns and stringing lights (ok-- Dave helped with the stringing part-- but only a little).

By the time the two important ladies (Bride and Flower Girl) had relaxed a little, it was time to party!Dinner (Reynoso's buffet-style) and Chatting ensued-- followed by some sparkler action.  Alex was very excited to pass out the sparklers, but kind of got herself in a bit too deep.  None of us thought ahead enough to imagine what a giant sparkler would look like when you're eye to eye with it.
Being comforted by Grandma Mary.
Justin and Alex only have two more days until this guy is 'officially' Uncle Sam!  I think everyone involved is super-excited!  Justin also got to hang out with Miss Mandy (Sam's sister) while Alex learned cheerleading moves from Miss Emily (Sam's other sister).  The whole family has embraced our two little ones-- it's a good thing that they are well-behaved (at least in public).
Happy Pre-Wedding, Sam and Carrie!

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stevenjared0853 said...

This rehearsal dinner party looks awesome. Want to arrange one for my friend who is soon getting married. Planning to book one of LA venues for the day. Going to make this party enjoyable and memorable for all the attendees.