Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kowalski's Boo Bash

We've been home for a few days now, and things are starting to return to our normal rhythm.  However, this pesky Halloween thing gets thrown in and messes everything up again!  I decided to just roll with the punches this year, though-- we decided to go to Kowalski's for their annual trick-or-treating event.  It's great because the kids get to wind through the store to show off their costumes, it's climate-controlled, not too crazy AND they give out a minimum of candy.  More like baby carrots, sting cheese, cartons of milk, animal crackers.
Alex is Charlotte.  Justin was supposed to be Wilbur, but he balked at the pink crochet coat and pants that I found at Goodwill.  They were PERFECT, but he was NOT going to wear them.  So we mustered up a variation of the dragon costume that's been hanging around forever.  Seriously gotta love those dragon tails!

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