Sunday, October 21, 2012

Des Moines Half Marathon 2012

While Daddy, Uncle Willy and I went off to run our race (which we all finished in under our projected time- yea!), Alex and Justin went to Church with GranMama and Pastor GranPapa.  We met back at home afterwards and were able to catch up with Alex's Fairy Godmother, Cathleen, and her mom Cathy.  Cathleen was the instigator  inspiration for running this race-- however, she dramatically injured her ankle in a high-speed bicycle collision and was unable to run.  We were surprised when we saw her on the sidelines-- around mile 7-- holding up some AWESOME signs to cheer us on!  Thanks so much!!!
We're "Team Yak" because all four of us are signed up for an Everest Base Camp Trek this upcoming May.  That's why.  It's not because we run so hard we vomit.  That potential meaning dawned on me when people started moving away from us during the race.  We're also not large smelly creatures.  Or I hope not.

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