Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration at Waldorf School

I snuck into the classroom early to photograph the lovely setup. This is the first year that we were invited to come and join the class-- 5 is a big year!
After the morning nature walk (where Alexandra insisted on holding both our hands the entire time, making it tricky to navigate some narrow paths through the trees), we filed inside to take our seats of honor behind our daughter.
Justin attempted to sit next to his beloved Al-la, but got ancy a little ways in and ended up on my lap. Miss Brenda told Alex's birthday story-- of how there was a little angel in Heaven who gazed at the Earth below and wanted so very badly to go and visit it, but she had work to do first. After she visited the sun, stars and moon, she returned to her very own star which she polished and polished, until it was shining. Then she heard a whisper- "Alexandra" and she knew that it was time for her to cross over the Rainbow Bridge to her Mama and Daddy, who were waiting for her (*sob*... I did a good job not tearing up, but it was only because I had Mr. Squirrely in my lap-- had I not had something else to focus on, I would have been bawling!). Miss Brenda then told a story about each one of her years on Earth-- (we filled out a little interview a few days earlier)-- about how Alex was such a serious baby, how her Nanny Cat (Huxley) took care of her, how she learned sign language and was so strong that she learned to ski at 2 years old, how she became a big sister and takes the job so seriously-- how she hopped on her two-wheeled bike and rode!
It was hard to see Al's reaction to the story because we were directly behind her, but she sat so still and was listening with every ounce of her being. After the story, she passed out the buckeyes that we had gathered at the Nature Center a few weeks ago. Then Justin, Daddy and I left while the children continued their day. She chose to bring yogurt, granola and berries as her birthday snack so that the kids could have parfait.

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