Thursday, October 4, 2012

Al's 5th Year Well-Child Checkup

I love our doctor-- she always acts as if my children are the best ones she's seen in a long while.  And, while I'd love to think that is true, I'm sure she makes the rest of her families feel the same way.  Alex had her 5 year old checkup this morning, and everything went perfectly.  Even though she's been rallying for glasses for a while (a few little friends have gotten them), she passed her vision test with flying colors.  Dr. Huberty made sure to tell her how important it was that some children get glasses, but she was very lucky to not need them yet!  She also impressed the doctor with her adventurous food requests and extracurricular activities (ie: canning... we did more this morning, blog post to follow).  Because she was such a great patient, she received a coupon for a free Cherry Berry frozen yogurt (which the doc was sure to clear with me first). 
Genius marketing-- both kids got "good checkup" coupons and I ended up spending $5 I would never have otherwise because the yogurt (and serve-yourself toppings) is priced by ounce (And, oh!  is that a third bowl in there for me?  Never!!)  I probably could have saved a few bucks if I took the reins from Alex, and curtailed the candy toppings but she was pumped to do it all.
And we had fun.  Sugar and all..... 

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