Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things that make me happy

OK-- so even though this blog is officially about Alex and Justin, I have to include one of these posts from time to time.  Since it's my birthday week, I'm claiming today as a "Things that make me Happy" day.... scenes from our early fall household:

My birthday present from my Mom (although I've had it now for about three months)-- it hangs beside our table and lends an air of whimsy and, actually, calm with it's muted colors and gentle scene! 

My birthday present from Dave this year (large broom),  Dave a few years back (small broom), and thrift store find (mini broom).  Now we can all work together to sweep the floor!  My Elsa Beskow calendar is on the wall to remind me that aesthetics are important for the soul!
My birthday present from God:  chestnut crabapples!  Seriously-- these are my all-time favorite fruit, and they always are ready for harvest right around my birthday.  Delicious for snacking AND for my crabapple jelly (which reminds me, I'd better get to work!).  They're flanked by the gorgeous stone candlestick holders that Brad brought us back from Jerusalem.
Sweaters and hats begin to live on our coathook for the chilly fall mornings. 

Our Nature Table is always the most vibrant and ever-changing this time of year.  Little hands seem to add treasures daily!

 Horse chestnuts (and a peach pit!) alongside a huge pinecone we found up North last year.
 My little autumn elf rests on some amethyst with a wool 'blanket' that Alex gathered, roved and twisted at The Children's Farm camp this summer.

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