Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Morning Nature Walk

At school, Alex always has a morning nature walk around the property.  On our "free Thursdays", we've been doing the same.  Today was a 5.2 mile jaunt (I had my phone GPS tracking us), which Alex ran/walked 4 miles of!  Justin even got in on the action, every once in a while shouting "un!" from the Burley- at which point we'd stop, get him out and let him run along the path until he could be persuaded back into the stroller with the promise of cookies, raisins or water.  Our 'time' wasn't good (2 hours!), but today wasn't about me going fast, it was about enjoying a gorgeous fall day with my two wonderful children.  AND celebrating the beauty of fall and the gifts that God gives us every day!  I can't believe we've lived here for three + years, and never known that we had TWO beautiful lakes within walking distance-- if you're willing to get out and explore a little!

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