Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Muddy Splashing Morning

Dave and the kids stumbled upon Battle Creek Regional Park yesterday while I was at the gym, and Alex was really excited to go back to the creek and splash around "in mud clothes". So, bright and early, before it got too hot, we headed out there. It isn't too far from the house (maybe 17-20 minutes), and the paved trail is gorgeous! It was a bit foggy earlier, and we happened to wander in *just* when the light was streaming through the trees and hitting the remaining fog in thick bands. Both kids stopped for a moment, in awe. We found the little creek that Dave told me about (literally a step off the paved path) and tried to follow it upstream a bit, but there were some sketchy looking three-leaved green vines that barred our path, so we turned around and played by the pathway.

And played.
And played.

What a great morning!

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