Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meeting Emmy of Whistling Well Farm

We ended up at two Apple orchards today.  I needed to replenish my supply of juicing apples (have I mentioned I LOVE my Jack LaLane juicer?!?!), and the best deals around are at the Carpenter Nature Center-- for their 2nds and windfalls!  We stopped there first and were thrilled to discover the BIGGEST, most BEAUTIFUL pumpkins around!  Seriously, the nicest I've seen in years-- and they were all between $3-6 apiece! 
After CNC, we decided to hit a new orchard.  Because we're right in the St. Croix Valley, we have our pick of about 6 orchards all in the same 10 mile radius, and the only one we hadn't stopped at yet was Whistling Well Farm.  I think we've found our favorite of all times! 

They had chickens to feed, a donkey to look at (he was sleeping), a gorgeous fall display to take photos of reluctantly posing kids with, and a sweet little spaniel named Emmy  (who Justin fell in love with).
Emmy of Whistling Well Farm
The dog was both the highight of our trip AND the only thing I didn't get a photo of (because I was trying to carry armsful of pumpkins and apples at the time).  After visiting with her for a while, we went into the store to make our purchases.  Lo and behold, the owner of the orchard had just published a children's storybook all about Emmy, so we HAD to bring a copy home.  It is a perfect fall read for any children who have ever visited an orchard.  The illustrations are soft and dreamy, and I admit to tearing up at one of the end pages where there is a heart-tugging drawing of Emmy giving her owner a HUGE spaniel-ly kiss!  (But then again, I'm a dog person).  Of course they also had stuffed animals that were the spitting image of Emmy (maybe next year, kids), which is a marketing genius.  We managed to catch Charlie when he was working, and he very kindly autographed our copy for us.  What a sweet man!

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Kelly said...

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Your recent posts about fall, the orchards, your fabulous little ones and your happy birthday are so inspiring and make my day. I feel like we can be on such different ends of the spectrum sometime - me with my overly scheduled children and house full of Barbie dolls - but we have the same focus. Encouraging and exploring with these little kiddos and creating happy homes. Can't wait to see more posts and what fall has in store for you and your family!