Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Durdles and Conkers

To continue our outdoor adventure, we decided to head to Carpenter Nature Center to see how their raspberry patch was doing. Unfortunately, they have an infestation of yucky grubs/flies in their fruit, so we were unable to pick any this year (although I did pick up a bunch of windfall apples for .50/pound!) Instead we headed to the Interpretive Center to check out the animals. I should give you a little backstory-- Justin picked out his own shirt this morning... SO excited about the "durdle" on it. He was in absolute heaven when he discovered not one or two, but SEVEN durdles on display in the main building. A gracious volunteer heard him exclaiming loudly as he ran from tank to tank and offered to feed one so we could watch!
Afterwards we went on a little walk around the property, but we didn't get too far before we started discovering Buckeyes.... or 'conkers' (which is a British term, but it's too cute not to use!). Some were still in their fleshy fruit on the ground, which was VERY satisfying to break open! Alex collected a few dozen and plans to hand them out to her school friends for traditional 'good luck' on the first day next week.

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