Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Renaissance Fair.... with two dragons!

Gramps and Grams offered to take us to the MN Renaissance Festival again this year. Alex has had 'the perfect' costume for all planned out for weeks now. She was convinced she wanted to be a dragon. Her birthday party will be dragon themed, so we already had a few tails laying around. I threw a golden belly on her sparkly leotard, looped a playsilk through her sleeves and voila! Instant dragon! Of course, Justin had to follow suit. How could you NOT want to be a dragon hatchling when your big sister is so cool? We got so many compliments and comments about their awesome costumes!Alex got her face painted. The artist took one look at her and said that she would do a custom dragon piece that matched Al's outstanding costume. It did!! We found the perfect little knoll to stop and take a break during the busy morning. It was nice to just sit and watch the people stroll by.At some point, Alex ditched the tail in favor of a new pair of fairy wings (thanks Gramps and Grams). She's flexible like that.

It was a very magical (and busy) day-- what fun for a pair of baby dragons!

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