Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, Alex could hardly sleep last night, waiting until morning to go and see what ribbons she might have earned! Auntie Carrie came over to join us at the Washington County Fair. The very first thing that we spied was this: Alex's GRAND CHAMPION ribbon (Needlework Division Ages 16 and under) for her rug. As we perused the rest of the entries to find our placings, we found quite a few more ribbons for her-- in every color of the rainbow! Photo below shows the heart she made in Waldorf school- blue ribbon! She even got a coveted 'pink' (fourth place), which I think she is as proud of as the blues and purple! Justin found his two entries-- he placed 2nd in a 10 and under abstract acrylic category and received a 'participant teal' ribbon for his 'shell man' (which he is pointing out in the photo below). I won a few ribbons, too... but not for the things I anticipated winning them for! What else did we do at the fair? We watched a horse show, checked out the cow barn, rode some ponies, ate some corn on the cob, visited with a clown and fed the petting zoo animals. Whew! What a busy morning!

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