Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Week in Hopkins

This week Alex participated in Stages Theater Camp..... in Hopkins. For those of you who are not from the Twin Cities Metro area, Hopkins is pretty much the exact opposite corner of the city from where we are located. Nevertheless, Alex, Justin and I braved the 45-60 minute drive every day for a week. It definitely made it worth it to see Emma there! And then there was the Hopkins Public Library. We stumbled upon it, hoping that Justin and I could read some books to kill time during the two and a half hours Alex had camp. What a treasure!! The Minnesota Children's Museum has worked with the library to create a wonderful children's section with interactive displays, literacy-promoting exhibits, and a fantastic environment for fostering a love of reading. I especially loved the BASKETS of board books next to every child-sized couch. It was so accessible! Another couple days we crashed at Auntie Carrie's new house in Plymouth (not so far) for a while. Auntie Rorie came with us one day and we hit the Hopkins Antique stores. I was shocked at how well Justin did.

Give that boy an antique die-cast tow truck and he's happy! (He actually thought it was a train, and entertained all the shoppers by playing with it and crooning "choo choo" throughout the stores).
File under : Things Justin LOVES.... cases full of cars, trucks and trains!

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