Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspired By:

In Hopkins last week, I found the perfect vanity for Alex's room. After all, she IS going to be turning five soon. What little girl wouldn't love brushing her hair in front of this? Then I saw the price tag. At $89, it was one lovely antique that wouldn't be coming home with us. And so I began a quest to recreate a vanity as or more perfect for my Alexandra. Because, despite the fact that she has her 'four-year-old drama-queen' moments that sometimes make me question my parenting skills, she's overall a respectful, well-behaved, all-around great kid. My solution- I found a $7.50 half-table in another antique store in Hopkins. Staple-gunned a $2.99 window valance beneath it to create a 'princessy' feel. Found a $4.99 creepy bear char at the thrift store (really-- there's a cut out face of a teddy bear behind that fabric cover... scary!) and a $5.99 mirror there as well. Used some of the backing left over from her quilt (post coming soon) to create a chair cover and pad, and voila! A vanity AND stool for about $20.00...give or take.

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