Monday, July 16, 2012

When Life Hands You Red Clover...

... Alex taught me a valuable parenting lesson yesterday. Redirection is not only good for children, but for Mama as well.

On the way home during our morning bike ride, Alex's legs apparently stopped working. They were exhausted. Too tired to pedal. Unfortunately, her new bike is too big to strap to the back of the Burley, so we really had no other option. I was about 20 feet in front of her when she failed, so I parked my bike and the trailer and ran back to encourage her to just walk her bike up the slight incline we were on. No luck. As I was trying to pep talk her, I saw the Burley start to shake back and forth. Justin was done sitting. Especially now that we were motionless. I grabbed Al's bike and ran it back up the path just in time to stop Ze Boy from capsizing my bike and trailer all in one fell swoop. After settling Justin back down with a promise of some raisins, I glanced back to see how far Alex had walked up the trail. She was still laying on the ground, apparently unable to muster enough energy to even move. As my head turned, I saw hers drop back to the ground. To make sure I saw how serious her situation was, she had turned a half-quarter and flopped her legs at a dramatic angle. It was at this time that I about lost it. Justin was tired of being strapped in, I was ready to just ride the darn bikes and have FUN doing it...stomp. And then I realized that there was no way I could force her to ride. As I stood by my bike, I noticed a butterfly flit past and land on some gorgeous red clover right next to the path. Then I remembered seeing a FB post about making red clover lemonade. As long as we weren't going anywhere, Justin and I could harvest some blossoms. I unstrapped Justin and we started gathering and putting the flowers into Alex's bike basket. Once Alex saw us engaged in a task that had nothing to do with bike riding, she popped up and wanted to help. Once we'd gathered 'enough', I told her that her job was to carefully transport the clover blossoms home in her bike basket. Without a complaint about her legs or energy level, she hopped on the bike and we had a nice ride all the way home. She wasn't fighting it, I wasn't stressed-- we were all excited about our upcoming kitchen adventure.To finish our lemonade we took a quick trip to the store to buy some lemons-- after Alex juiced them ALL (we found a .99 juicer at Goodwill today, too), we added some honey, some raw sugar, and the red clover tea (we boiled the blossoms for about 10 minutes to break down the herb a little) to the juice. Voila! Red Clover Lemonade!We didn't add as much sugar as a normal lemonade recipe calls for, so it's a bit tart, and very 'honey-ey'. And a delicious shade of pink!

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