Friday, July 6, 2012

Science Center of Iowa

After Justin's nap, GranPapa treated us all to a fantastic afternoon at the Science Center of Iowa. We did EVERYTHING! We visited Mars in a fantastic exhibit that let us experience what it would be like to actually go there. We went to a Planetarium show where Justin (LOUDLY) exclaimed about the "balls" and the "moon" he saw on the screen. Alex, Rorie and I tried not to giggle too loudly when he shouted that he saw a "PUPPY" in a shadow of the moon! We even took in an IMAX film (I know... Waldorf fail, but it was SO nice to 'visit' the Arctic on a 95 degree Iowa day!!) about Polar Bears. Justin found his dream come true- a gigantic Ball Wall where kids could shoot balls up and into a Rube Goldberg-type contraption and watch where they fell. At the end of the long day we packed up and went home with two exhausted kids. And by home I mean back to Woodbury. Alex was so tired she slept the entire car ride. Justin was so overstimulated that he chattered the entire time!

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