Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainy Day at the Market

What does your family do on a rainy day? I can't believe that mine geared up and went to the Woodbury Farmer's Market with me. Thanks, Dave, for being a super-supportive husband! It was our first visit this year... since we have our CSA, we don't really need lots of other produce. However, I've been itching to get some canning done, so we went in search of pickling cucumbers and maybe some carrots? Well, we found the cucumbers... and some Mammoth Dill, so the rest of the day was spent in the kitchen.
We had some plums that were just about to be over-ripe, so I also 'whipped up' a batch of ginger plum chutney. (I say 'whipped' in quotes because it was a very long simmering/thickening process. I would plead 'false advertising' from the recipe) We won't actually know if it's edible or not for three months, which is the suggested time to let the vinegar in the chutney mellow a bit and the sweetness of the plums and brown sugar re-emerge.

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