Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony Feast!

To celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, we planned a massive feast, featuring dishes from around the world. (All I have to say is *thank goodness* for Trader Joe's!) Although we ate more processed foods in one evening than we have in months, it was a really fun night. We had planned on letting Alex stay up to watch part of the opening ceremonies. However, it was getting too late (especially because I thought they started at 7:30... I know, I fail at reading ET/CT timetables). So, after we loaded up our plates with lots of goodies, we pulled up a recording of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies. It was a 'recap', and done in about 15 minutes. Perfect amount of time for Alex to enjoy the festivities and flare. After we put her to bed we realized that we'd actually missed the first half hour of the REAL opening ceremony. I almost called her back down to see the horses and carriages tearing around the 'countryside', but we decided to stick with bedtime. About twenty minutes later, when the childrens' nightmare/ literary villian scene took place I was SO GLAD that I stuck with the plan! I can't even imagine trying to get her to sleep after seeing those black-clad demon things jumping all over the kids' beds!
But I digress.... the best part of the evening was the preparation. Alex worked really hard as a "cleaner" to get the "restaurant" ready. Then she helped in the kitchen as a "sous chef". Finally she was a "waitress" who made a gorgeous menu for all to enjoy.

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Grandma M. said...

Your menu is extraordinary! And Alex is amazing!