Sunday, July 15, 2012

"No Cookie"

A few weeks ago, I told the kids we were going to the store. Apparently to Justin that meant "Target", where he often schmoozes his way to a free kids cookie from the bakery counter. To me, it meant the fabric store, where there is "NOOOO COOKIE". I was informed of this fact from the time that we parked, throughout our trip, and all the way home. Alex and I thought it was pretty funny, so we laughed, thereby encouraging Justin's class clown antics. Whoops! Now "NOOO COOKIE" is his fail-safe line to get everyone laughing. Dave captured it on camera the other day.

("NOOO RAYRAY" means no raisins... his punchline is developing!)


Emma Mae said...

I love it! Especially an upside video. :)

Amy said...

Yeah-- Dave had his phone rotated... oops!