Friday, July 13, 2012

Lake Elmo Adventure

We've lived in the area for a while now, but hadn't actually gone swimming at Lake Elmo Regional Park. It's a sizeable man-made pond (filtered) with a sand beach. Verdict: It's great... in the early morning before the crowds arrive. Luckily they open at 9am (all other swimming spots in Woodbury open at 10), and we were able to stake out a nice spot. Alex practiced her swimming (she's getting really good!) and floating, Auntie Rorie joined her in the water for a bit, and Justin played on the shoreline-- throwing sand and rocks, sometimes mixing it up a bit by wading knee-deep. Once the crowds started arriving (around 11), we were ready to move on with our day!

Between the swimming area, the huge playground, the bike trails and the hiking trails this would be a really fun (and close) place for us to come camping for a weekend next year!

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