Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireflies, Fireflies

Alex really wanted to stay up and watch fireworks and catch fireflies last night, but she was too tired to make it (Read: we had an epic, parade-candy-fueled whining match around 6:30pm). Instead we decided to let her try and stay up to catch fireflies tonight. Normally there would be no way to keep her awake until 8:30, but, since it was a special day she got to sit with Auntie and Daddy in the living and watch some old Looney Tunes while she was waiting for the sun to set (Collective gasp from our Waldorf friends....I know). She made up for the screen time with some quality firefly hunting outside. I wish I knew how to set my camera correctly, because I could have had some gorgeous shots! These will have to do for now.

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