Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cutest Lemonade Stand. Ever.

Des Moines was HOT. Hot and humid (it's surprising how much 250 miles or so changes the feel of humidity!) The Fourth of July was no difference-- temps in the 90's. Alex and GranMama started working on 'a project'.
Decor is very important.Ze Boy approves of the ambiance.
Carefully printing her sign.Working in the kitchen with GranMama, creating the World's Best Lemonade.
This was a family-only stand (safely located within the confines of GranMama's fenced yard). The clients were required to help pour the heavy pitcher.Because her lemonade was 'free', she cleverly stationed a Tips jar to catch any loose change you might be willing to part with.After doing business with most of the family, she made a few important solicitation calls. Uncle Willy suggested she add dog biscuits to her business model and said he'd be right over.
The lemonade was great, the stand was attractive, but that little sous chef of hers just kept drinking up her profits!
At the end of the afternoon-- counting the money! :-)

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