Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Slowing Down Again

Whenever I get to the point of saying "away with the wooden bowls... they take too much time to wash by hand", I know it's time to reevaluate the rhythm of our days/weeks. We have gotten really lazy these first few weeks of summer vacation with our morning washing ritual, having the kids use their dishwasher-safe bowls so they can just load them up. What is it that is causing me to rush so much that handwashing two or three dishes with my kids each morning is "too slow"?

We've had a busy few weeks of summer, with a week long zoo camp and a week long Vacation Bible School (which Alex participated in and I taught). This third week of summer is unscheduled. This doesn't mean we're not busy, but we definitely have the opportunity to consciously SLOW DOWN.

So Justin and I pulled out all of our beloved wooden bowls and utensils today and polished them while Sister played outside with her neighbor friend. They look so inviting when they're cared for, and the rhythm of washing our dishes after breakfast is a beautiful and comforting way to start our day.

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