Monday, June 25, 2012

A Picture Perfect Morning

It's our little friend Amelia's birthday party this afternoon, so this morning was devoted to making some one-of-a-kind birthday cards. Justin was using liquid watercolors (wet on wet) and Alex decided to give my Yarka watercolor cakes a spin (on wet paper as well). As I was getting the kids all set up, Justin dove in! He ended up preferring to 'pour' the watercolor onto the paper, in lieu of a brush application. The brush was acceptable to push the paint around a little, but it was SUPER fun to just let the paint fly! Alex took a more measured approach-- dividing her paper into four quadrants and carefully choosing each color as a part of her grand scheme. After the cards dried, the kids made some ink drawings over the top. Alex's kitty was way too cute (and the first time I've seen her really depict something 'cartoony' like this). Can't forget the important step of cleaning up. Aren't his chubby little hands yummy? (He could wash them all day with our bar of LuSa organic soap-- I've linked to her blog, Clean, before, because I love following Rachel's family adventures (and her photographs are stunning), but we really do enjoy the soap as well, so why not give her company a plug!)

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