Monday, June 18, 2012

Milkweed Blossom Fritters

So my plant book mentioned breading and frying the Milkweed blossoms and buds. After a quick internet search (don't you just love Google?), we came up with a plan. I whipped up a basic batter (whole wheat flour, egg, baking soda, milk). We boiled the blossoms, buds and leaves we'd gathered for just over a minute. Then I coated everything but the leaves in the batter and fried it up in olive oil. I've only 'fried' things a handful of times in my life (this was maybe number three), so there was quite a bit of splattering and screaming and holding towels up over our chests during the process (and no, Alex was not involved in the screaming part). The result, however, was delicious! It tasted quite like broccoli..... and fried batter.... which is always a good thing. The leaves were spinach-y, but definitely had a firmer texture. Everyone agreed that they were a fun treat to have, and if we happen upon any more Milkweed in bloom, we'll definitely try it again.

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