Friday, June 22, 2012

Midsummer's Eve at the Lake

Every year, we celebrate Midsummer's Eve by building Fairy Houses for our magical friends to visit. Normally it falls on Dave's birthday, but with our big trip to the Mulder's lake house the following day, we celebrated Friday. The lake house is on a beautiful, secluded piece of property that extends from a woodsy area to marshlands to the lakefront, so we had a LOT of room for foraging the perfect building materials for a grand Fairy House! Alex and Emma got right to work (in their matching outfits-- thanks, Megan!) finding the right structural and decorative pieces to create their masterpiece. We found a lot more milkweed, but I didn't make anyone eat any this trip.

There were a few special visitors who came to inspect our work. This beetle approves of the Fairy House. (if you look closely, you can see a bumblebee on the blossom below)

This friend really liked the milkweed, so we made him his own special pile of blossoms away from our house. The next morning the ladies were so excited to discover the gifts that the fairies left as tokens of appreciation for a wonderful house! When they hold these special stones in their hands, they can feel the warmth of the magic that is inside.

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