Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Alex got to stay up 'late' last night to decorate the table for our Father's Day breakfast (she traded the time it would take to read a story for some decorating time). She worked very hard setting up a meaningful tableau, which included a panda (for Alex), a badger (for Justin), a Daddy, girl and baby doll, a vase which she filled with fresh-cut flowers from her 'fairy garden', a 'throne' for Daddy to sit in and a beautiful sign to greet him in the morning. We also got out the 'fancy' plates (our old Ikea set from our apartment days) and a 'fancy' napkin for each member of the family. Justin, Alex and I let Dave sleep in while we whipped up some gourmet french toast, blueberries and bacon. Then it was time to open his gifts. Justin gave him a wonderful painting and Alex gave him a framed 'interview' "All About Daddy". (I adapted this from a Pinterest pin that was floating around last year, and absolutely love it! I think Dave will treasure it as well-- so cute!)

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