Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Hike

We geared up and headed out to Lake Elmo park for a hike this morning (before the rain hit, luckily!) We made sure to cover ourselves with sun and bug protection and we had a lovely time. I brought my Edible Wild Plants book and we identified some Evening Primrose, Ox-Eye Daisy, Yellow Sweet Clover and Milkweed. We also found some Wild Raspberries and Brambleberries-- just a few were ripe enough to sample, but in a few weeks the picking will be great!
The Milkweed was in blossom/just about to blossom, so we picked a few clusters of buds in order to experiment. We made sure to leave a LOT for the wild butterflies to enjoy, but it was fun to do a small bit of foraging. Justin fell asleep in the backpack near the end of the hike. He just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer! Happy Father's Day to the greatest Daddy EVER!

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