Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eggs-periment Revealed

Well.... the eggs hatched. Pardon me as I try not to gag. Alex is now the proud Mama to approximately 7 small red Strawberry Mites. They're not spiders, as they only have six legs, but they do have 2 huge antannae that masquerade as legs, making them look slightly arachnid. Gross.We convinced her to release them 'into the wild'..... but I want them FAR from my raspberry/strawberry bushes. I have a feeling that's where they'd love to set up shop. And now I will be researching ways to discourage their friends and relatives from eating my strawberry plants.


Emma Mae said...

You're a rockstar mom. There is no way I'd let things with legs (ok, just my buggy friends) in my house. :) I'm proud of you for thinking of your kids first!

Will said...

You should squish them and use the bright red paste (it looks like blood!) to make a dye for an article of clothing she will always associate with her first experience with husbandry.