Sunday, June 17, 2012

"About My Daddy"

BY alex marotz AGE 4

my daddy's name is David
he is 48 years old
he is 111 feet and 111 inches tall
he weighs 14 pounds
his hair color is brown
his eyes are blue
he likes to go to work
his favorite food is salad
my daddy always tells me go to bed
he is smart because he knows to fix things
my daddy likes to wear his work clothes
it makes my daddy happy when I do things for him
if I could give my daddy anything it would be books
his favorite drink is beer
his favorite book is on his kindle
if he could go on a trip, he would go to St. Olaf
for fun he likes to go out and eat
his favorite restaurant is red lobster
i love it when my daddy holds me
my favorite thing about my daddy is he holds me

i love my daddy.

1 comment:

Emma Mae said...

Best idea ever. Absolutely adorable! :)