Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear

We've been eating 'porridge' on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (Alex's preschool days). Not only is it super-easy to throw in the slow cooker the night before, but Alex loves the ritual of getting out three bowls in the morning. Fast, filling and delicious for the beginning of a school/work day!

Slow-Cooked 'Porridge' (Technically Oatmeal) for three

-1/2 cup steel-cooked oats (we use Trader Joe's brand because they are half the price of the 'fancier' Irish brand oats!)
-2 cups water
-pinch salt

Combine and cook overnight in slow cooker (I use a smaller Corningware bowl inside my CrockPot, surrounded by a water bath so that the oatmeal doesn't burn in the large area). In the morning add a splash of half and half. Top with brown sugar and raisins to taste. Enjoy!

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