Monday, September 20, 2010

Mama's Birthday Broom!

When I spotted my birthday present at the Ren. Fest this weekend (crafted by the artisans at 'Broomhilde'), Dave was a bit skeptical. After all, he's been trained since the beginning of our relationship that a cleaning product (regardless of how 'cool' it is) is NEVER an appropriate present for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary.

I rescinded my 'rule' this weekend, and I'm so glad he was flexible. Technically I consider this another art piece for the house. Here's my beautiful new 'cobweb broom', which basically means it's child sized, so my little minion can do the housework.

Minion with broom.

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Grandma M. said...

"Minion" has been my new favorite word for the past couple of months. Now I actually have a favorite minion person! Happy Birthday, minion's mamma!