Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Magical Cow...

So I stopped at Goodwill today (and fought a THRONG of people buying huge quantities of shoes and jeans...apparently it was 'blue tag day'?!?) and found an unmarked bag full of big chunky wooden puzzle pieces. Not knowing exactly what the finished product was (or if all the pieces were there), I looked at my purchase as a $1.50 investment in an afternoon's entertainment for Alex and myself.

Any clue??

Turned out to be a handmade cow and unicorn puzzle. We were painting with our new watercolors earlier, so I let Alex make her new puzzles 'magical'. She had a great time, and painted for about an hour!
...and a photo of Al's earlier 'masterpiece'! :-) She worked so hard to cover all the white on the paper! We LOOOVE our liquid watercolors!

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