Sunday, September 19, 2010

The 'Llama-sans' Festival

Grams and Gramps took us to the MN Renaissance Festival this morning (or as Alex referred to it, the 'Llama-sans Festival')- and our fairy princess got the royal treatment!
Professional Face Painting (complete with glitter and a pink jewel!)
Wand Making (pink, pink, pink!) A walk through the Enchanted Forest
Playing with Auntie in the Secret Garden

A giant pickle.

Entertainment (I would like to note that Alex thoroughly enjoyed herself at the Fire Carnival AND Knife Throwing shows, even if it made Dave and I a bit nervous about what behaviors they were modeling for her-- she seemed content with the explanation that they were 'magic' and that's why they were allowed to do those dangerous things)
A pony ride
and.. the perfect way to cap off any 'Llama-Sans Festival'.....a llama ride! This actually looked really fun-- she had her pick between an elephant, a camel and a llama and she chose the most exciting--who knew that llamas were so squirrely!
We stayed from 9 until 2-- quite a long day for any fairy princess, but an extraordinarily long one for Alex. She fell asleep in the car on the way home (first time in about 6 months!) We'll definitely need a few 'down days' to balance out all this excitement, but it was worth it!

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