Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kindergarten "Sneak Peek"

Dave and I took Alex to her 'first day of Kindergarten' today. Well, officially her mixed-age Kindergarten starts on Monday, but we attended the MN Waldorf School Opening Ceremonies today and visited her classroom for a 'sneak peek'.

In front of the 'Kindergarten Cottage' with her box of extra clothes and indoor shoes to keep in her classroom. Alex was instantly at home in her classroom. It definitely helps that she has the same room and teacher that we had for parent-toddler classes last winter. On the first day of school, parents are under strict orders to drop the kids off in the courtyard, where they will start each day with a nature walk, so today was my day to get photos!

Miss Brenda is Alex's teacher. She greeted me with a warm hug and showed Alex what her 'symbol' will be for the next three years (so the kids will always know where to put their belongings). A beautiful crisp apple!
Alex got right down to the business of preschool-- playing! She diligently put on her indoor shoes all by herself and began to re-explore the room. After Dave left she decided that I needed to go to. Much to the amusement of other parents in the room, I was ordered to stand in the hallway because she wanted to go to school "by myself".
I managed to sneak back in to see her practicing some daily routines- setting the table for snack. When I was spotted, however, I was sternly reprimanded by my almost-three year old. "I want to do it by myself. You can go home."

Once she realized that today was only a short visit and I would not, in fact, be leaving her alone, she decided that it was time to go. If I had any doubts about Alex starting school early, they disintegrated quickly this morning. We stopped to visit the school hens on the way out. You can tell these are some spoiled and much-loved chickens-- I've never seen hens come right up to a toddler and wait to be pet before!

Monday is the big day, and Alex is eagerly awaiting her time to "be alone with Miss Brenda and my friends". I am too. I love seeing how confident and independent she has grown to be, and I definitely feel that this school is the perfect fit for our family!

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