Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day Off!

On no-school days it seems like we have so much time to hang out at home! We always get some studio time in, though. Today Alex helped me organize my embroidery floss. I hate dealing with the tangles from the skeins, so we cut up some old paint chips and used them as bobbins. I was quite surprised at how quickly Alex became adept at winding the floss around the cards. It has been raining all day long, but Alex was raring to go outside and play. At this point of my pregnancy I don't have a rain jacket that will actually zip up over my tummy (and Dave took his to work with him), so I set up a little 'viewing area' by the sliding glass door and watched her play in the rain from the comfort of my kitchen. Is that cheating??
She had a lot of fun playing with 'Miss Kitty' (who is not only her well-loved security toy, but also is developing into an imaginary friend). She ran frantically back and forth across the yard, telling Miss Kitty "No, no, no. You NEVER go over there without your Mama. I'm your Mama." Then I was informed that Miss Kitty was not following directions and had to have some 'alone time' in her room. She spent the rest of the time splashing in the puddles and eating the last of the cherry tomatoes off of the vine.

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