Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creative Playdate

Emma came over this morning to join Alex in Little Gym, and after a good workout (and fantastic lunch prepared by Auntie Rorie and Auntie Carrie), we worked on a new project.Inspired by this post on Artful Parent, I took some white t-shirts we had laying around (from a failure to launch tye-dying project earlier in the summer) and the girls tape , tape, taped away! One of the reasons I absolutely love art is to see individual differences. Emma lined her tape up in parallel 'roads'. Alex went for the 'random' pattern.
Then it was time to paint! We just used acrylic paints, because, as every art major knows, it permanently stains clothing. I've never used specific 'fabric paint' for clothes projects, so I have no experience with the differences between it and acrylic.

Finished products-

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Emma Mae said...

We love our shirt! Emma wore it today and talked about the lines across and her special "glittery and silvery" E on the top, painted by "Ms. Amy", of course! Thanks! :)