Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apple Printing

Inspired by the 'Twig & Toadstool' blog (which I love), Alex and I decided to take advantage of our morning together (kindergarten is only M,T,W) and do some apple-printing.
We have an apple-based storytime tomorrow at the Nature Center, so we thought we'd make a t-shirt that she could wear there!We started out by reading a lovely story about apple stars that was printed on the T&T page. Alex was enchanted by the tale of the fairy and the apple sprout.
Then it was time to get to work. By happenstance, we had two crabapples left over from our last trip to the Nature Center, and they were JUST the right size for little hands to print with. We cut one in half along its axis, and one in half along its equator. Alex carefully painted the apples red and green and printed (very neatly!) her shirt. It will be unveiled in tomorrow's post.After the shirt it was time to get down to the fun part-- messy printmaking! I also cut up a little yellow potato into basic shapes to add some more 'stamps' to our arsenal. She had a great time! Enjoy her semi-shouted commentary below:

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Grandma M. said...

I want a tshirt like that!!