Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're off to see the Wizard...

We finally made it to the Wizard of Oz exhibit at the Childrens' Museum of Minnesota today (it's there until Sep 12th) . I almost thought that Alex would never fall asleep last night....she was looking forward to it sooo much that she kept talking to herself until the wee hours - "Maybe the Cowardly Lion will be there... they will have a yellow brick road...and I'll get to see Toto" Well, she got all those things and more.

Taking a break to do some self-face painting... Normally we spend about 30 minutes in a room at the museum, but today the majority of our 3 hours was spent right here. It was a bit crowded, and Alex was definitely in sensory overload for the first hour or so..... but she apparently loved it as she refused to go to other exhibits for very long.

We had a surprise visitor!! Dave met us there (it's a 4 minute walk from his office) and took us to a great little Thai restaurant for lunch. Alex decided she LOVES Thai lemonade, and VERY MUCH LIKES rice noodles. :-)

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