Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shawano Sunday

As I reviewed my photos of the last two days I realized that I never managed to get Great Grandma Alice in a shot!! I swear that she never sits down-- she is constantly busy, bringing people drinks, tidying up the kitchen, popping from conversation to conversation. I hope that I have that much energy someday (I certainly don't have it now!) It was my goal to get some nice shots of her today!

We have to go chronologically, however, which means beginning with swimming pictures. Alex and her entourage enjoyed the AmericInn pool at 9am. It was a 'bit chilly', but they soon warmed up (at least Daddy and Alex did!)
Great Aunt Sarah stopped by the hotel to say 'hi', and then it was time to get cleaned up to head over to the cottage for Sunday brunch/lunch. Alex started off with a bowl of Cheerios next to Great Grandpa.
Then Great Grandma surprised Alex with a very special gift-- a box of antique china teasets! She got right to work having a tea party with her animal friends. (Note the elusive Great-Grandma in the picture-- on the move as always!)
Alex taking a break on a piece of Republican history-- this chair was originally from Senator Joe McCarthy's Shawano office!
Eavesdropping on two Marotz lawyers discussing 'work'. Maybe Alex will follow in their footsteps!
Doing a little more fishing with Papa Bob... (law talk didn't entertain her for too long... yesterday she caught 5 fish!!)And finally, a beautiful photograph of two wonderful ladies--

Followed by a Marotz family photo-- Alex, Dave, Bob, Alice, Bob, Sarah and Carrie!! (Mary and I were the photographers...)

Thank you so much for a special weekend, Alice, Bob and Sarah-- your hospitality was wonderful and we all had a fantastic time! Love you all-- Amy, Dave, and Alex (+Justin Robert too...)

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