Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goat Groomer

It was a perfect morning to be at the Minnesota Zoo. The cool weather was so refreshing to walk around in (and all the animals thought so too-- we got quite a show from the sea otters, grizzly bears, leopards and gazelle!). However, the BEST part of the morning was at the Wells Fargo Family Farm. Emma and Alex got to groom some very friendly (and well behaved) goats!

My animal-lover was in heaven! She could have stayed there for hours and hours.Who wouldn't love this face?

The amazing part was that all these goats just soaked up the attention. They would come up to Alex and stand there, waiting for their turn to be brushed.....I think she may have another career option opening up before her. Apparently the volunteer at the pen said that they do this 'all the time', but we've never been here before when kids were allowed in to brush! I think we'll try to make it back once more before preschool starts....just to brush goats! :-)
After all that hard goat-grooming work, the girls earned a much-needed romp at the splash pad!
All together, Alex and I were at the zoo from 9am till 2pm- a new record! We played at the playground, saw lots of animals, learned basic goat toiletting skills, played in the water and saw the bird show! Whew!!

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