Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Chock-Full Day!

We left the house at 9:30am this morning, and didn't return until 3:30pm!! Talk about a busy, busy day.... we'll need to schedule a few 'downtime' days to balance it out!
We started off with Little Gym this morning. Alex ended up having a private session, as she was the only kid to show up for class! She reveled in Teacher Hannah's attention, and they worked for the entire hour class-time.
After Little Gym, we stopped for a quick bite to eat at McDonald's, where Alex was a very good companion. We had discussed how we would not be getting a toy today, even if she saw a display (on one of our long drives from Iowa last week, she did get a toy, just for something new in the car), and she understood that toys are only for very special occasions. The cashier, however, had a harder time understanding until I finally just told him that I did NOT want a Happy Meal-- only a hamburger, apple dippers and a small drink. Sigh...

After lunch we headed to Prior Lake to get in a performance of The Music Man Jr., directed by our good friend Megan Mulder. The kids were delightful, the costumes were superb, and we had the bonus of having 'reserved seating', so we didn't have to fight parents for good seats! Alex did only make it through the first half of the show, but enjoyed the singing and dancing. After intermission, we headed to Excelsior to pick up our August meat supply from our CSA. Normally they meet us in Eagan, but I thought I'd be out and about today (not realizing that Excelsior is a 45 minute drive from Prior Lake and an additional hour away from Woodbury...) We grabbed our meat, eggs, and a dozen ears of corn from the farmer's market and headed home.
GrandMama and GrandPapa stopped by for the night, bringing Cousin Lauren with them for a short visit. Auntie Carrie joined us for a delicious BLT and corn on the cob meal. What a long, but exciting day!

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Emma Mae said...

Thanks for coming to the show and supporting Stagehands! :) I loved having you two there and hope there are many more productions to come! (Possibly with Emma and Alex on stage in the future.....)