Friday, July 30, 2010

Synod School 2010

We had a great (if exhausting) time at Synod School with GrandMama and GrandPapa Jones. It was quite a different experience to be in a dorm room with a toddler.
Alex got right in there to help GrandPapa set up his University of Dubuque Seminary School display.....I don't think the 'free' candy had anything to do with it :-)
In front of the chapel, where Presbyterian children run wild. Really.....why is it that while some parents think they are 'on vacation', they feel that their kids can take a break from behaving in a civilized manner?!? :-)

My roomie, all ready for school. She took the word "Roomate" to a whole NEW level. I don't remember Melissa ever waking me up at 3am, declaring that she needed help to go potty. Apparently I checked "early riser" on the housing form, because she was up at the crack of dawn every morning ready to get to class!

Alex enjoying Bible School with some new friends......only one of which bit her later in the week. Yep-- my baby was bitten on the fingers by "a mean boy". No broken skin, and hopefully the other parents were informed that they have a juvenile delinquent on their hands.

Alex and I stopped in to see GrandMama in her Random Basket Weaving class. Since we're a tv-free family, we tried to pull Alex from Bible School during afternoon 'movie time' to do something a bit more productive...... like weave baskets!

We spent a bunch of time drawing and working on 'projects'. Here's Alex's first representation of a person with legs. It's me. Note the second 'head' in my tummy. "That's the baby brother".

I took a Cake Decorating's my 'final exam'! Practice makes perfect for a certain Birthday Girl in October!

Once again, I don't remember Melissa ever riding her bicycle in our room....not that she wouldn't have if the opportunity had ever presented itself.

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Melissa and Jeff said...

This cracked me up! I'm sure I could have definitely entertained myself in the pod with a bike...especially at 3 am!!!