Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Quick Visit

When we arrived home from our Wisconsin adventure, we were quickly joined by some familiar faces. GrandMama and GrandPapa Jones stopped by for a fast visit. GrandPapa had a conference to attend in Minneapolis, and GrandMama was only too happy to join him and hang out in Woodbury.
Alex and GrandMama read, read, read! Every time they come up, Alexandra ends up with about 20 more books from my childhood, and she's always amazed that she gets to keep them. Every time they picked up another book, she'd ask "Is this for me to keep at my house?"
We also did a bit of shopping at the Mall of America, and lunched at what has now become Alex's favorite restaurant-- Kokomo's Island Cafe (which, for your information, has FREE kids' lunches on Tuesdays- who knew?!?).
Alex also got to get in the kitchen and strut her stuff when GrandMama needed help with a cold veggie 'pizza'. She was proud to show off her washing, organizing and sprinkling skills.

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