Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NIP: Nursery-In-Progress- Project 1

Alex and I have been battling the heat (don't even ask, we're on A/C Repair visit #7) by keeping busy in front of fans. Yesterday we made a fabric wall sculpture for the baby's room. It all started when I saw some ironing board insulating fabric at Jo-Anns, and my imagination was sparked!
First we drew our rocket ship on 1/2" foam-- Alex had a LOT of input (at least in the mark-making process).

After cutting out a matching piece of foamcore for the backing, we covered the entire thing with our metallic fabric. A lot of pinning and gluing went on during this stage. Luckily for me, Alex is a superb 'pinner'!

Then it was time for Mama to add details-- Alexandra helped me pick out the colors for each section, and sat with me, fingerpainting, while I added them on.

Finished product!
(If you haven't guessed already-- the theme is Space- a combination of vintage 50's sci-fi and 'Ugly Doll' alien-types)

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Grandma M. said...

Love your NIP project! You are one creative mom and your helper deserves kudos!!