Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mama-Made Tutu!

A few weeks ago, I was feeling ambitious....so ambitious that I decided 'instead of buying Alex a short practice tutu for ballet class, I'll make one'. (She had been getting tripped up with her long practice tutu, and had specifically requested a 'puffy short one').

So...instead of shelling out $28 for a pre-made tutu in the Dance Studio, Alex and I took a trip to the fabric store for all things tulle and sparkles.

$40 later... (isn't it always the way?), we had our tulle (three shades), fancy dress rhinestone fabric, elastic, no-fray ointment, iron-on rhinestones and some new fabric glue: the makings of a beautiful lavender tutu. I used instructions from this site as a starting point, and added a few more layers and embellishments as we went along.

The important thing: it held up during class! And I have enough raw materials to make a few more to give to some other young ballerinas in our lives.

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