Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cherry Eating 101

Chalk it up to being pregnant and tired, I've been really tardy with these last posts (sorry!)
Today Alex got to try my all-time FAVORITE fruit for the first time! Rainer cherries are one of Nature's most aesthetically pleasing creations-- the color ranges from a summery yellow to a fire-truck red, with all shades in-between and the tangy sweet taste is a perfect complement to a warm summer day.

The first thing Alex had to learn was how to eat a cherry. Having not really thought about it before, it was a first-time teaching experience for me as well. We decided (after much experimentation) that the best way is to delicately chew off the bottom of the fruit, leaving the pit exposed. Then she had better success putting the rest of it in her mouth and extracting the stone with her teeth. Lastly, she pulls the stem (with much relish), and gobbles the rest of the sweet flesh down.
Mmmm.....(and they're on sale for $4.99/lb at Kowalski's!!)

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